Use intuition to take your life to the next level
I am offering a seven week online course . Each week, a module is studied with the students which contains practical exercises and things to reflect on. 

The seven modules are the following:  

  • Module one: Fear, doubt and other beasties 
  • Module two: The basics
  • Module three: Find out your style
  • Module four: Grounding
  • Module five: Understanding the mind
  • Module six: Ask and you will receive
  • Module seven: Tools to play with

All through the seven weeks I am available to students online to answer questions that come up during the course or related to the subject of intuition. Students benefit from over a decade of my experience in training and my extensive research into intuitive and esoteric matters. 

This is the second time this course is offered online, although I have been teaching it in person for decades. 

If you are interested in the course, contact me for more details.