Do you sometime wish you had a fairy godmother?
Online mentoring can seem unusual but a lot can be done through conversations on Facebook or by email (I prefer Facebook but if you don't like it, don't worry). 

How does it work?

I open a secret group for my clients on Facebook and we chat within the group whenever they need to have guidance on issues in their lives, This enables them to have guidance much more often than if they booked a call and they love it. It means they can post a question as they go about their days and I get back to them within two days.

What are the benefits of this method of mentoring?

Where a classic mentoring package might have a call per week for clients, you are left dealing with your stuff for a whole week before you get to speak to a mentor whereas with my formula, it can be the same day. This means you have less chances of forgetting to ask a question on a live call. This also means it can fit around an extremely busy lifestyle. Maybe you are a full time mum with no time to yourself, or perhaps you are a super busy coach and a mum and never seem to be able to find the time for you, Now you can. With me.

Who is it for?

You are a woman who feels lost. Maybe you feel lonely. Perhaps you feel stuck and don't know how to unstuck yourself. You can't go to retreats, Your life is so busy you can't even book an hour to yourself. Maybe you are a single mum. Or you have an autistic child or a psychic child and you don't know how to help them. Life is overwhelming and you often cry with exhaustion, Your energy levels are so low you don't even know how you get by each day. You yearn for advice that is both practical and spiritual. You need someone who can gently guide you. Someone who can listen to you and who has been through the same experiences so she can understand. Someone who can make sense of what you are going through.

Here is a testimonial by a new client (June 2016)

I met Ange through a Facebook group in June 2016 and decided to try her online mentoring services as she inspired my confidence. I was in an extremely bad place at the time...trying to recover from two serious back operations and in excruciating physical pain, and attempting to get over a heartbreak. Ange has now mentored me for a little over two months and with a mix of guidance, humour, reiki, clairvoyance, deep conversation and visualisations, I am now healed in ways I had never imagined possible. My back pain is now gone and I am back into farm work and decorating. I have managed to overcome the devastating grief I was feeling and even have been able to find the blessings in it all. I still have the odd difficult day but overall, I am back to myself, which is something I thought would take years. You might not be in as dark a place as I was, yet I cannot recommend her highly enough if you are in need of a boost emotionally, physically or spiritually. All this without us ever having a conversation over the phone or meeting. Extraordinary.

Hat Rowland, author and healer

If you feel my online mentoring services are for you: go to my online shop and scroll down. I would love to work for you.