Learn reiki level one in the comfort of your own home

What is reiki?

Reiki is a gentle healing modality which involves a transfer of universal energy from one person to another to support the healing process of the recipient.  

Why a home study course?

For a lot of people, the demands of life do not allow them to have the time to take a week end off to train in reiki. This is especially the case for parents but also for busy professionals. Reiki can benefit anyone, not just those who want to become professional healers. And reiki one is geared towards healing yourself and your friends and family. I wanted to make it easy for people who have demanding lives, particularly single mums, to be able to do a reiki one course in the comfort of their own homes. This is something that I wish had been available when I was a single mum desperate to get the support that I needed to raise my two beautiful children. And this is why I am so thrilled to be able to offer this course.

Some might say it is not possible to teach reiki as a home study course. I disagree. Energy does not know distance or time. It is universal and sustains everything. I am sure you have thought of a friend and then received a phone call from that person or bumped into them a few days later. This was not a coincidence. This is energy. So if you can "manifest" a phone call or an encounter, why couldn't you learn reiki remotely. I know not everyone will agree with this, and that's OK. But if it makes sense to you, don't let others put you off. 

What does the course involve?

The course involves:
  • read the manual, 
  • listen to the MP3 four times, and . 
  • answer a series of questions and send those answers to me. 

This is to ensure that you have read and understood the whole manual. These are not tricky questions. They are just there to make you go deeper into the material. Whilst you do the assignment, I will open a secret group on FB just for you and I so you can ask me any questions you have. Your reiki one investment includes a month of supervision with me, one to tone. But if you don't complete the training in a month, you can still continue to have one to one supervision for a monthly fee of £40.

After you complete the course, if you want to join a collective reiki group, there will be a small monthly membership. This is akin to a reiki share, but this is optional.  

Do I need to have previous experience of reiki?

No you don't. But if you do, you could still benefit from doing the training as every reiki master teaches reiki differently. In order to check if you like my style, you can just start with buying my reiki manual alone. It is available on Amazon in the Kindle shop. If you have done your reiki one already and want to do a reiki two training with me, I would still want you to do level one with me, to make sure we are on the same wave length. Remember however that training in reiki is not a race or competition. You need to do it when you feel ready, not when you think you need to do it. 

Sign up 

You can sign up here, if you feel ready. Now before you do so, check that the month ahead is not jam packed with deadlines or travelling. You need a relatively uneventful month ahead if you are going to take full advantage of your training.