What clients have said about my work

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I am not allowed by my code of ethics to offer testimonials for my services. This is a position that is currently being challenged within the NCH. However for as long as my code of ethics prevents it, I will respect it.

All testimonials given on this website apply to other areas of my work.

"Ange has been a true Angel to me in terms of her spiritual awareness. I have experienced distance Reiki for both myself and a friend which immediately cleared obstacles and opened up better communication. On one occasion the distance healing immediately started up communication which had been lost for months. Ange has been very accurate in tarot readings and her Angel healing has helped me enormously through a tough period - she has been spot on every time! I had a healing reiki session with Ange which cleared my chakras and allowed me to deal with obstacles in my life. I found the Reiki session very exhausting but after the fog had cleared, felt so much better and more alive."

Sarah, IP Legal Assistant

Ange is a true vessel for spirit, and because of such, is always able to look beyond the physical ailments / problems and see the real deal. I was beside myself, as someone put sugar in my gas tank and almost destroyed my car which is the basic transportation for me and my five children. In tears and with fear, I shared with Ange my anger and frustration. I love the way Ange is a deep listener. She does not encourage you to linger onto your negative emotions and somehow always manages to find something positive about every situation but this time, she really surprised me. All of a sudden, she stated: "Wendy, Spirit is telling me that the sugar in your gas tank was Divine intervention. I am being shown that it saved your life. You can't see that at the moment and I don't know when this will change but it will become clearer very soon." This was not what I wanted to hear so I coaxed her with a "really?" A few days later, I laughed when my mechanic called " Your breaks need changing, Mam, you were that close to have an accident. Thank God you brought your car to the shop." I was totally unaware of this. Thank you Ange. You really are a Mosaic Dreamer!

Wendy, Mum of 5, Business Development Consultant

When I met Ange, I was in a big black hole. I came to her to quit smoking and in one session that was it. I haven't touched a cigarette since and that was over six months ago. If you consider that my partner smokes, that's a real success. But there was more to it than the smoking. I felt sad, angry and lonely and I did now know where to turn or who to talk to, to be understood. She gave me strength to be myself, accept myself and to find my way forward out of the dark which I created myself. She showed me the beauty in me as I am and for this I am really grateful. I can see the light now. Thank you.

Butzi, Mum and textile artist

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the tarot reading and the cord cutting last night, you do not know how much it has helped me. I feel like a different person this morning and for once I slept through the whole night without waking up. Whenever R. (ex abusive boyfriend) pops up into my head its only now for a second and then its gone again!! Its amazing how more positive Im feeling now. So thank you for everything you did for me yesterday. The book I have borrowed is really good as well, made me feel loads better reading it knowing it wasn't me after all that caused all of this, and that I am strong enough to walk away now. Also you mentioned that as soon as I was ready to move on things would be very different for me and you wouldn't be surprised if another man walked into my life very quickly. I thought I'd mentioned that the funniest thing happened last night. The policeman that was helping me the night R. assaulted me, well I really liked him and he has rang me quite a few times making sure I am ok and letting me know how it was all going as he was not in charge of the case himself. I found myself looking forward to our chats and randomly thinking about him. Anyway he called last night to see how I was and everything and asked me out for a drink!! I had the biggest smile on my face all night I wasn't expecting that at all. He is really nice and text me later on to say he would really love to take me out for a meal and a drink and will ring me next week to arrange a date!!!!

Sarah, secretary